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Port Phillip Business Network

Port Phillip Business Network – Friday Drinks

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We attended the Port Phillip Business network drinks at Imbibe Bar in Port Melbourne.

The Port Phillip Business Network is designed to enable businesses within the City of Port Phillip to network, learn from one another, and foster ongoing collaboration.

We met many local business owners at the event, from a range of sectors, many of whom where located in Port Melbourne and South Melbourne.

The Port Phillip Business Network offers us a great way to connect with business in our local community.

Details on the Port Phillip Business Network can be found at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/port-phillip-business-network

Waterman Business Series – Defining your Focus

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The Waterman Business Centre is located in Melbourne’s south east, providing shared business facilities within this rapidly expanding part of Melbourne. The Waterman Business Centre hosts a fortnightly business networking session, aimed at fostering collaboration and business growth. The networking event follows a unique approach, with three distinct sections. Firstly, a presenter shares a topic, followed by participants being allocated to groups to discuss the topic in further depth and concluding with everyone coming together and sharing their knowledge.

This morning’s topic was Focus, identifying the need for business owners to articulate their core value, rather than spreading themselves too thinly. The conversation enabled business owners to discuss what focus means to them and how this clarity has assisted in the development of their businesses. The format of the Waterman Business Series facilitates a sharing of knowledge, enabling participants to learn from each other.

The event series is a great example of how business networking can facilitate collaboration and greater knowledge.

Changing of the guard at the NABVillage – Tim Mahlberg’s Farewell

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We attended Tim Mahlberg’s farewell party at the NAB Village. Tim has been an integral part of the NAB Village, having fostered its creation and implementation. The NAB Village has sought to redefine the way that a bank engages with business, providing business owners with a space that they can use to grow their business.

Tim joins in the festivities

Tim joins in the festivities


Alex Makin at Tim's farewell

Alex Makin at Tim’s farewell

There was a large turnout at Tim’s farewell, and we had the opportunity to catch up with other Village members and the new host Marc Lim. We are looking to continue our ongoing involvement with the NAB Village and look forward to collaborating with Marc, in his role as the new host.

We wish Tim the best with his future endeavours. Best of luck Tim!

Business over Breakfast

Business over Breakfast – March

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Business over Breakfast meets each fortnight, fostering business collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. While Business over Breakfast meets in the Docklands it has been attracting businesses from across Melbourne and it was great to be able to re-connect with business owners that I first met in 2010 when I was Mayor of Maroondah City Council.

The emphasis that the Melbourne Business over Breakfast Club places on collaboration has seen some great partnerships and discussions emerge.

Marketing should not be viewed as a do-it-yourself exercise

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Every business needs marketing. Whether you are a large corporate, small business or start-up, the right marketing can help you to achieve your goals.

Our biggest competitor in the small and medium business space is not other marketing agencies, but rather, business owners who undertake do-it-yourself marketing.

Marketing should not be viewed as a hit-or-miss exercise

Marketing should not be viewed as a hit-or-miss exercise

Marketing is a professional service. If business owners applied a do-it-yourself mentality when undertaking finance or writing a legal contract, they would encounter problems.

More often than not, from our experience, do-it-yourself marketing, tends to involve guesswork on the part of the business owner.

The reason we believe that many business owners undertake their own marketing is that many marketing tools such as, social media and websites are easy to access and can be done at low cost.

There is also the mentality that marketing is a hit-or-miss exercise.

As a strategic marketing agency we develop marketing strategies that can take away the guesswork from deciding which marketing tools are best for your business. This not only save business owners time and money, but ensures they have the assurances that the marketing tools they use will help them grow their business.

Our marketing strategies are developed in consultation with the business owner during this process to ensure that their concerns, expertise and goals are met when developing the final marketing plan.

With three quarters of businesses failing within the first five years, having a marketing strategy may mean the difference between success and failure. If you are a small or new business, don’t leave your marketing to chance. A professional marketing strategy will enable you to achieve your goals.

City of Yarra

Networking@6 – A business event with a point of difference

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Networking@6 is a new initiative, created by the Business Development Team at the City of Yarra. Unlike traditional business events that follow a formalised presentation, or speed networking, which restricts in-depth conversations, Networking@6 is designed to facilitate discussion and the sharing of information.

Alex facilitating the inaugural Networking@6 Session

Alex facilitating the inaugural Networking@6 Session

I had the pleasure of facilitating the inaugural Networking@6 session, which encouraged participants to consider the point of difference they have for their business. Just as Networking@6 has a clear point of difference, each business needs to differentiate itself from competitors.

Being an informal conversation, the discussion was able to incorporate the experience of participants, as we considered a range of
marketing and business topics
. Every business has competitors, so we discussed how a point of difference, or unique value proposition, can be leveraged to attract and retain customers.

Competition not only includes direct competitors, but also businesses that may indirectly impact on a decision made by customers. For example, direct competitors for Networking@6 include other business networking events, while indirect competition considers competing demands for time, such as social events or other business resources. Understanding your value proposition enables you to utilise key messages that resonate with your target market and encourage purchase decisions.

We also considered how a point of difference can be promoted through the supply chain, ensuring that suppliers, distributors and employees can reinforce this sense of value. Suppliers need to view their distributors as partners and understand that their success, is in part, reliant on the outcomes achieved by their customers. Similarly, employees need to understand and appreciate the point of difference so that they can be valued and assist in the ongoing viability of your business.

A point of difference is essential for any business and it must be something that is considered to be of value to customers, as well as business partners. Networking@6 was able to articulate its value as an informal session with free-flowing conversation and knowledge.

The attendees at Networking@6

The attendees at Networking@6

Many participants also commented on how important community is to their business. It was great to see the realisation that business owners can work in partnership with the wider community. One of the broader aims of Networking@6 is to foster a sense of community through networking to build upon the conversations that were initiated at tonight’s session.

Networking@6 is definitely worth attending and congratulations to the City of Yarra’s Business Development Team for creating the concept. Details on future sessions are available at www.yarrabusiness.com.au.