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Russel Howcroft on the Power of TV

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This morning the Australian Marketing Institute held an exclusive session held an exclusive session at the Channel Ten studios, featuring Russel Howcroft who discussed the role of ‘traditional media’ in a digital world.

The role of marketing is to use the right tools across the marketing mix to achieve business outcomes. The traditional forms of communications, through TV, radio and print, remain just as valid today, even with the introduction of digital tools. Multiple communication tools are often required to create action, so there is a need to identify how best to reach and motivate your target markets.

At Network Ten

At Network Ten

No mainstream digital disrupter, such as Twitter, Facebook or Google, has been able to achieve its market presence without the use of traditional media. Rather than seeing digital as distinct to traditional, marketers need to view these tools as the means to achieve business goals.

Setting the Business Agenda through Marketing

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Many areas of business incorporate continuous improvement, ensuring that processes are streamlined to maximise efficiencies and to reduce costs.

Unfortunately, marketing is an area that is often overlooked, resulting in either aggressive cost cutting during economic downturns, or a rush to the latest buzzwords, with little strategic thought and consideration and returns.
Marketing like all other aspects of a business should be held into account, and needs to adopt a framework that fosters continuous improvement.

Our Syneka Marketing Framework, with our cycle of Audit, Plan and Execution, is designed to incorporate the feedback mechanisms required to improve business decisions, while identifying performance indicators and measuring outcomes.

Strategic Planning Framework

The Framework commences with an Audit as this enables you to assess current marketing activities and to incorporate metrics that evaluate outcomes. The Audit phases answers the question of how to maximise the return from marketing investment. This phase strengthens the measurability of marketing and provides input into the broader business direction.

The Plan aligns business goals with marketing outcomes, positioning marketing as the centre for innovation that drives business capacity. Importantly, this phase helps avoid a silo mentality, by embedding a whole of marketing approach and strengthening internal communications. As a result, marketing is able to guide business growth, through the identification of new market opportunities and aligning the customer experience across a business. The Marketing Plan guides not only short-term actions, but also longer term initiatives that will be achieved that strengthen business capacity.

The Execution component represents the implementation of actions identified in the Audit and Plan phases and is guided by the metrics that have been identified in the earlier phases. The embedding of metrics ensures that there is an ongoing review of marketing outcomes and that value is being achieved. The aim is to move beyond marketing for the sake of marketing and into an approach that provides a measurable return on investment.

The Framework reinforces the fact that marketing can and should be measured, moving beyond basic measurements and into metrics that actually matter for business growth. The approach enables marketing to step up and drive business outcomes, rather than being reactive and missing the ability to influence strategic decisions.

Further details are available in our eBook A Marketing Framework for Ongoing Performance.

A new financial year – a new opportunity to make marketing work for you

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Over the past six months we have been re-imagining marketing, and seeking to define the outcomes achieved through a strategic approach to marketing.

With the start of a new financial year fast approaching it is time to start thinking about your marketing and re-define the way that you do things in your business.

Marketing like Accountancy or Law is a professional service. There is a need to utilise the right expertise to provide the foundations that enable ongoing business success.

One of the ways we work with businesses is through our marketing audits. A marketing audit is a marketing health check for your business. The marketing audit assesses the effectiveness of your current marketing activities. Outcomes include an understanding of what marketing components you need to undertake to achieve ongoing success.

There is a need to redefine marketing based on definitions adopted by peak marketing associations.

There is a need to redefine marketing based on definitions adopted by peak marketing associations.


We have led the need to embed metrics into marketing through our focus on re-imaging marketing. The marketing audit provides the framework to evaluate your marketing activities and ensure a positive return on investment.

A strategic approach to marketing takes away the guess work in terms of what marketing you need to achieve ongoing success. Marketing should not be a hit-or-miss exercise and a marketing audit will show you the mix of marketing tools that align to your business outcomes.

Melbourne Silicon Beach Meetup

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As supporters of Melbourne’s Startup community we attended the July Melbourne Silicon Beach Meetup. Our role is to ensure that startups receive the right marketing advice so they can make the informed decisions on how best to achieve their business outcomes.

Unfortunately over 80% of startups do not survive after the first twelve months. The lack of a suitable marketing approach, though a failure to understand market trends, customer demographics and the competitive landscapes, is one of the top ten reasons for this failure.

Our mission of re-defining marketing as a strategic led approach that links business goals and marketing outcomes, means we are working with startups to ensure they receive the right marketing advice.

AMI Event: Big data – Turning buzzwords into business outcomes

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This morning we attended the Australian Marketing Institutes’ first event for 2015: Big Data Beyond the Buzzwords, held at the Hotel Windsor.

The Australian Marketing Institute aims to educate marketers on topics relating to the profession and Big Data is an area that has receiving increasing attention. Big Data is essentially the collation and analysis of various sources of information to gain new insights. The topic itself is not new, but there is a need to identify the business outcomes that can be achieved through marketing.

Speakers at the breakfast sought to demystify the topic and spoke about its implication for marketers, through utilising Big Data to make better business decisions.

Kieran Hagan, IBM Big Data Sales Manager

Kieran Hagan, IBM Big Data Sales Manager

Con Menictas, Senior Statistician at Qantas

Con Menictas, Senior Statistician at Qantas

From internet search usage, through to the daily heart rates of individuals using fitness trackers, there is an immense amount of data that is collected. The analysis of big data requires the ability to identify the right information that will add value to the decision making process and hence deliver new insights.

Alex Makin at the AMI Big Data Breakfast

Alex Makin at the AMI Big Data Breakfast


The AMI Big Data Breakfast at the Hotel Windsor

The AMI Big Data Breakfast at the Hotel Windsor

The focus on emerging trends is continuing at the Australian Marketing Institute, with our second event to incorporate a focus on innovation on Thursday the 5th of March.

Big Data and Innovation: Upcoming events from the Australian Marketing Institute

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The new year has been begun, and the Victorian State Advisory Committee is hosting two events in February and March to explore the outcomes created through big data and to anticipate the next wave of marketing innovation.

Big data: Turning buzzwords into business outcomes

Begin in February with the practical tools and take home tips surrounding the current buzz topic, big data, courtesy of our special guest speakers Kieran Hagan, IBM (Big Data Technical Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand), and Dr Con Menictas, Qantas (Senior Statistician at Qantas and Qantas Loyalty).

We have all heard of big data and know we should be using it, but how do we do it?

Date: Thursday 26 February 2015
Time: 7.30am for 7.45am-9.00am
Price: $75 for members, $95 for non-members (as an individual event)

Location: The Hotel Windsor, Bourke Room, Spring Street Melbourne

Break out of the box with Cyriel Kortleven

In March explore the future with a mind-expanding interactive session with international keynote speaker, Cyriel Kortleven. Discover what’s inside the box and how to break out of it. Learn creative skills to survive the idea killers and give yourself a creative boost so you can break your own fixed thinking patterns.

Cyriel has over 14 years’ experience working within the domain of creativity and innovation. He is also author of four books, most recently Less is Beautiful – 69 stories of how ‘less’ succeeds in business growth.

Date: Thursday 5 March 2015
Time: 7.30am for 8.00am-9.30am
Price: $95 (as an individual event)

Location: National Australia Bank, 700 Bourke Street, Docklands

Attend both events for the special price of $150, RSVP by Wednesday 18th February. Contact the AMI on events@ami.org.au to secure your attendance.