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Business over Breakfast – Acting Chair

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Business over Breakfast is a fortnightly business networking group, focused on building collaborative partnerships. I was recently elected as Deputy Chair of the group and facilitated today’s session.

As part of today’s discussion I encouraged participants to discuss their competitive advantage and their points of difference. Discussing these competitive advantages helped participants gain insights from other members and to determine potential opportunities for collaboration.

Business over Breakfast continues to meet each fortnight at the Docklands.

BNI Melbourne Corporate Connections

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BNI is a weekly business networking group that encourages cross-referrals and reciprocal relationships. This morning I attended the BNI Melbourne Corporate Connections, which meets at the Park Hyatt Hotel.

There are many BNI Chapters across Melbourne, with each catering to the needs of their local members. The Corporate Connections Chapter seems to have a particular focus on professional services and we look forward to ongoing collaboration.

For further details on BNI please visit www.bni.com.au.

Business over Breakfast fortnightly meeting May 2015

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Business over Breakfast is a fortnightly business networking group that meets in the Docklands, with a particular emphasis on fostering collaboration. Each meeting features a presentation from a member, with today’s session being conducted by Frank from Collins and Co, an accounting firm based in Footscray.

Frank provided an overview of Australia’s current taxation requirements and explained the services provided by Collins and Co. These sessions provide an opportunity to gain a further insight in the members of Business over Breakfast and their respective skill sets.

Business over Breakfast meets each Wednesday fortnight at the NABVillage.

Waterman Business Series – Defining your Focus

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The Waterman Business Centre is located in Melbourne’s south east, providing shared business facilities within this rapidly expanding part of Melbourne. The Waterman Business Centre hosts a fortnightly business networking session, aimed at fostering collaboration and business growth. The networking event follows a unique approach, with three distinct sections. Firstly, a presenter shares a topic, followed by participants being allocated to groups to discuss the topic in further depth and concluding with everyone coming together and sharing their knowledge.

This morning’s topic was Focus, identifying the need for business owners to articulate their core value, rather than spreading themselves too thinly. The conversation enabled business owners to discuss what focus means to them and how this clarity has assisted in the development of their businesses. The format of the Waterman Business Series facilitates a sharing of knowledge, enabling participants to learn from each other.

The event series is a great example of how business networking can facilitate collaboration and greater knowledge.

Business over Breakfast

Business over Breakfast – Re-defining Marketing

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Business over Breakfast is a business networking club that meets each fortnight at the NAB Village. The aim of the group is to exchange knowledge to promote a collegial business atmosphere.

Each session involves a formalised presentation, and this morning I was invited to provide a presentation on marketing and the approach undertaken by Syneka Marketing. Ultimately marketing needs to be redefined. The term has become known for tactics, rather than the strategies that lead to ongoing business success. As a result, many businesses spend money on activities that generate little or no return.

Success starts with strategy, through a marketing plan that considers how to achieve the goals that were identified in a business plan. Understanding the market context, enables you to make informed decisions on how to respond to customer needs, competitive pressures and industry trends. Importantly, this enables you to have a value proposition that connects your strengths with the needs of your target markets.

Having this context and planning strategies based on these insights lets you allocate marketing resources effectively, providing financial savings while delivering outcomes that create a positive impact on your business.

Business over Breakfast

Business over Breakfast (and sometimes over Dinner!)

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Business over Breakfast is a business networking series, focused on relationship building and establishing complementary skills. The session operates on a fortnightly basis, but there is also the opportunity for gatherings outside of these occasions.

This evening the Business over Breakfast Club for Melbourne hosted a dinner, involving, Geoff Cox, the UK based founder of this networking group. The dinner, provided not only a change of pace, but also an opportunity to meet in an informal setting to discuss the origins of Business over Breakfast and its plans for the future.

Business over Breakfast is a new concept in Australia, but already has a significant presence in the UK, the US and New Zealand. The model focuses on relationships, rather than instant referrals, making it suitable for businesses that value ongoing development.