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The CEO Institute – Marketing in a business to business context

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The CEO institute is a member based association that connects likeminded businesses to foster shared learning and professional development. Members of the CEO Institute form syndicates based on their turnover and business focus, which meet on a regular basis.

This morning I was invited to speak to one of the syndicates on the role of marketing in a business to business context. Unlike consumer products, business to business marketing often requires longer lead times and an understanding of key personnel, including influencers, users and decision makers.

Identifying the customer journey, by understanding the required touchpoints and the sequencing of activities, is critical. The workshop led participants through the role of marketing in building and facilitating this customer journey, as well as the metrics required to measure results.

Swinburne Student Assessment: Class based Expo

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This afternoon I was invited back to Swinburne to assist in the assessment of a student trade show event involving students studying the Certificate IV in Marketing and a Certificate IV in Business.  Students were required to create a trade show exhibition to explore business to business marketing.

The assessment explored the first four elements of the marketing mix, specifically a product that students devised, the communication channels, pricing signals and distribution channels. Students explained their marketing approach, linking practical outcomes with core marketing theory.

As part of the proceedings I awarded several prizes to participants, including mentoring sessions through Syneka Marketing. We exist to re-define marketing and educating the next generation of marketers is how we help shape the future of the procession.

Congratulations to the students who participated in the expo and are nearing the completion of their assessments.

Know your customers

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Last week we discussed the origins of Syneka Marketing and our overall vision, discussing how marketing needs to focus on impact, namely the ability to build your capacity so it delivers synergies across all aspects of your business.

For any enterprise, it is imperative that you know and understand your customers. Often we consider the customer to be the end purchaser, but there are many instances where others will influence the purchase. The obvious example is parents, whereby children will often influence decisions.

Knowing your customer, the processes they use to make a decision and the outcomes they want to achieve, is critical. For many businesses your customers evolve over time and this is no different for us at Syneka Marketing.

Understanding your customers will help you adapt to changing needs.

Understanding your customers will help you adapt to changing needs.

As Syneka Marketing evolves into a leading agency that works with medium sized enterprises, corporates and social enterprises, we have found that there are unique needs when compared to small business.

While many statistics aggregate small business and medium enterprises (SME), their needs are in fact very different. Small business often needs mentoring and support, in conjunction with marketing strategy and execution.

As a result, we are launching the Small Business Marketing Agency, a partnership between Syneka Marketing and Vent2Me. The Small Business Marketing Agency will be based primarily at the NABVillage in the Docklands, in conjunction with our South Melbourne location and a presence in Ringwood. The Small Business Marketing Agency website at www.smallbusinessmarketingagency.com.au provides further details.

This approach will enable our Syneka Marketing team to continue its evolution by focusing on leading social enterprises, medium sized business and corporates, while we continue to re-define marketing across all sectors.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Support Marketing implementation with the right processes

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Every business needs to be supported by policies that guide decisions and processes that ensure effective and efficient operations.

New businesses can often find themselves without adequate infrastructure to support ongoing business. It is important that a business invests in its own processes to streamline procedures, particularly if new staff or products are introduced.

Strategic marketing explores not just the external opportunities for a business, but also ensures that its internal structures are suitable to accommodate the goals in the marketing plan. Potential options will often include training, staff recruitment, or new systems to ensure that a business can take advantage of these new opportunities.

For example, contact management is one issue that many newer businesses experience. It is critical, from a marketing perspective, to manage relationships and to store sufficient information about each customer, such as past transactions and any support queries. The storing of this information ensures that a business is able to suitably communicate with its customers, advising them of new offerings or to launch campaigns that encourage repeat business. Furthermore, this approach enables campaign tracking to measure the success in reaching new customers.

Similarly, there is a need to manage website and social media content as a business grows, ensuring that staff are aware of acceptable usage and the authorisation that may be required. Similarity in tone and communication styles, is required to ensure consistency and to build a reliable and engaged following on social media.

The focus on both internal and external factors is what makes strategic marketing extremely valuable for businesses. There is little benefit in embarking on a major campaign, if the infrastructure and processes of a business are unable to manage demand.

Poor outcomes diminish the results of marketing and unnecessarily tarnish the reputation of a business. It is imperative that marketing activities are supported through processes and infrastructure that will assist in delivering the required outcomes.