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Port Phillip Business Network – Networking Drinks

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The Port Phillip Business Network connects businesses within the City of Port Phillip, providing a combination of networking and professional development. This evening we attended a networking session designed to connect businesses across the municipality.

While there are many business groups available, the Port Phillip Business Network has a particular focus on collaboration. As a result, there is an emphasis on exploring how complementary businesses can work together to achieve a greater impact. We’re looking forward to becoming further involved with the Port Phillip Business Network and developing collaboration between our core services of strategic marketing and complementary providers.

The Port Phillip Business Networks meets on a regular basis, details are available at www.ppbn.com.au.

Syneka Marketing and Branding develops integrated web site solutions with e-commerce and membership facilities.

Establishing a web presence for the Ringwood East Traders Association

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The Ringwood East Traders Association is a local business group focused on promoting the Ringwood East Shopping Precinct. The Shopping Precinct has over 70 retailers, covering fashion, beauty, crafts and fitness as well as two supermarkets and a Bendigo Community Bank.

The East Ringwood Traders Website

The East Ringwood Traders Website

Establishing an ongoing community is important to local traders as it creates ongoing customer loyalty and differentiates the shopping district to larger retailers.  In this regard the Ringwood East Traders Association established a monthly community market, which includes a barbecue that raises funds for a nominated charity.

The market is a popular fixture of the Ringwood East Shopping Precinct and succeeds in bringing the community together to experience the shops and festivities at Ringwood East.

The Traders Association has also expanded its presence to the Internet and commissioned Syneka to develop a website that would convey information on the shopping precinct, as well as a directory of traders.  The website would be used to serve as a marketing tool, listing upcoming events and providing methods for community members to stay connected with the Shopping Precinct.

The online directory provides a web presence for the traders, through a sstandardizedtemplate, that includes a profile and contact details.  The template ensures consistency with the profiles, while providing the flexibility to include images and a description, as well as links to Facebook, Twitter and other websites.

This provides an opportunity to establish a web presence for businesses that have no other form of online communications, or to complement the web presence of traders that have their own website and a presence on social media tools.

The directory enables a visitor to search for relevant businesses or to browse the range of traders that are available at the Ringwood East Shopping Precinct.  Each trader is able to manage their own listing ensuring it remains up-to-date and easy to change.

The Ringwood East Traders Association is now planning on including the website on its other promotional tools to offer a cohesive approach to marketing the Ringwood East Traders Association.  This evening saw the launch of the Ringwood East Traders Association website and is available at www.eastringwoodshops.com.au.


February meeting of the Ringwood Chamber of Commerce

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The Ringwood Chamber of Commerce and Industry is Ringwood’s main trader group, representing its members on matters relating to commerce in Ringwood.

Tonight’s meeting included an update on development projects within Ringwood, including the long awaited redevelopment of Eastland. While some commercial development is taking place, the catalyst for Ringwood’s transformation will occur with the next stage of the Eastland redevelopment and the transformation of Ringwood Station into an accessible, integrated and safe transport interchange.

The Ringwood Chamber of Commerce is one of Maroondah’s longest running trader groups and provides a networking opportunity for its members. This evening Terry Macdonald, the Chairperson of Eastern Volunteers, spoke about the organisation and its emphasis on business partnerships.

Constructive partnerships can be formed between businesses and community groups, but it is imperative that the focus is on delivering mutual value. While corporate social responsibility, can form part of this business case, there is a need to demonstrate tangible value that creates a beneficial partnership for both the community organisation and business.

Eastern Volunteers is actively discussing partnerships with businesses to ensure mutual value and benefits.

Maroondah 2010 Business Lunch with Tara Moss

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The 2010 Maroondah Business Week was held from the 4th of October through to the 8th and offered a range of events to develop skills and business promotion, concluded with a networking lunch, featuring model and author Tara Moss, as the guest speaker.

The lunch is aimed specifically at women in business and Tara spoke about her life growing up in Canada, as well as her transition into modelling and her development as an author. Tara discussed the need to persevere with dreams and highlighted her passion for writing, which she developed as a student in primary school.

Alex with Tara Moss and Phil Turner, Director City Development, at the 2010 Maroondah Business Lunch

Alex with Tara Moss and Phil Turner, Director City Development, at the 2010 Maroondah Business Lunch

The lunch marks the conclusion of the 2010 Maroondah Business Week providing a range of sessions aimed to encourage and strengthen businesses within Maroondah.

Maroondah Business Week Breakfast with David Schwarz

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Maroondah Business Week is an annual Council initiated program that aims to promote and enhance businesses within the municipality. The Week consists of workshops, tours and networking events offering a range of activities to cater to the business sectors within Maroondah.

One of these events is the Maroondah Business Week Breakfast, which featured David Schwarz as the speaker. David was a former footballer and Vice-Captain for Melbourne Football Club and discussed the challenges he faced during this career, including a gambling addiction, which he spoke about candidly during the breakfast session.

Alex with David Schwarz and Cr Rob Steane at the 2010 Maroondah Business Week Breakfast

Alex with David Schwarz and Cr Rob Steane at the 2010 Maroondah Business Week Breakfast

David’s openness set him apart from some of the speakers of other years and he spoke candidly about the difficulties in establishing a post football career. David’s comments reflect the need for ongoing perseverance and the advantages of networking within businesses and provided a number of parallels between his experiences and the challenges facing business.

The Footmen Club – Footy Luncheon with Peter Schwab

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The Footmen Club is a service based club supported through the local Maroondah business community, which provides assistance to individuals and groups throughout the municipality.

This afternoon the Footmen Club held a Foot Luncheon, featuring AFL Victoria CEO and former Hawthorn Player, Peter Schwab. Peter spoke about his football career and his experiences as CEO of AFL Victoria. Peter discussed the challenges that were facing Hawthorn at the time and how his abilities in football complemented the team.

The Footmen Club holds regular luncheons through the year featuring a variety of guest speakers while also helping people in need. For further information please visit www.footmen.org.au