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April in review: Measuring marketing performance

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In April we discussed the topic of assessing marketing performance.

Assessing performance is an important part of ensuring you stay on track with your marketing. Marketing is not an esoteric concept and can in fact be measured effectively.

To measure your marketing performance start by looking at your goals and plan your metrics accordingly. Think about the value of the aspects being measured. For example, measuring the number of hits to your website is meaningless when the real value is in the number of website visitors that interact with your business and respond to your call to action.

Once you have understood what you want to measure, make sure you track your progress. This can be done by setting up processes and tools such as a CRM, which can track the progress of your marketing tactics. Ensure that you measure your performance at set intervals so you can make valid comparisons and analyse information.

We believe that success starts with strategy and that a marketing plan can provide you with the information you need to effectively measure your marketing activities.

In April we also featured some case studies on metrics, which included looking at Woolworth’s “Fresh in our memories” campaign. If the right metrics were used for this campaign, it never would have been implemented in the way that it was.

In May we will be covering the topic of marketing resources, so stay tuned to our social media and blogging presence to learn more.

We look forward to staying engaged with you and will see you next month.

Being Strategic

Being Strategic Through Marketing

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In February, through our blogging and social media presence, we covered the need for businesses to be strategic.

We began by looking at the SWOT analysis. We discussed the importance of using this tool to draw insights about your business. We followed this by explaining some case studies that demonstrated where marketers have used insights to deliver campaigns that effectively reach their target market.

We ended the month by going back to the basics and discussed the need to redefine marketing. A professional marketer can provide you with the right strategies to grow your business and this drives our passion to redefine marketing.

In March we will be covering the topic of transforming plans into action. Stay tuned for more from our video series.

2014 in Review – Thank you for being part of the Journey

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We are almost at the end of 2014 with the new year fast approaching. This year has been a transformational time for us at Syneka Marketing, including the move to our new location in South Melbourne. We would like to thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Our regular Syneka Snippets and Blog will return in 2015, along with some exciting new initiatives that we’ll be launching shortly after the new year. To end 2014 we thought we would share our top 10 most visited posts from this year:

  1. Unveiling our new office at 204 Bank Street, South Melbourne
  2. Webinar and Presentation: Best Practices For Developing Effective Marketing Strategies and Plans
  3. Good Marketing Requires a Sound Methodology
  4. Setting Effective Marketing Budgets
  5. Don’t undertake hit or miss marketing
  6. Branding is more than just a logo
  7. Do you make New Year’s resolutions for your business?
  8. White Night 2014 – Whose night is it anyway?
  9. Networking@6 – A business event with a point of difference
  10. Let’s give marketing a definition

We wish you all the very best for the remainder of 2014, and look forward to reconnecting in the new year!

Blogging is a useful marketing tool

The benefits of blogging

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I previously discussed how to write a blog so we thought it would be timely to expand on this topic and discuss potential benefits.

According to the Oxford dictionary a blog can be defined as “a website or web page on which an individual records opinions, on a regular basis.”

There are two things to take from this definition:

  1. Blogging is a form of opinion based writing.
  2. Another important aspect is regularity. Usually a blog is updated monthly, fortnightly, weekly, daily or even in real time.

At Syneka Marketing we blog on a weekly basis, with the aim of sharing our insights and thoughts on marketing related topics.

While business blogging tends to be around a particular topic of expertise, you can develop a blog about anything.

One of the most popular blogs globally, is the Huffington Post, which receives over 110 million views per month. The Huffington Post is well regarded for its news content and demonstrates how blogging can become a serious pursuit.

Content marketing is the general concept of developing a narrative and promoting expertise through content, including blogging and multimedia.  This approach can be an effective communications tool for businesses and not-for-profit organisations. For example, a blog enables you to establish your field of expertise by providing informed content that relates to your industry, business or organisation.

As a marketing agency we highly value blogging and content. Through our blog we are able to share content and discuss the role of strategic marketing. Blogging provides us with a voice, and assists us in creating a narrative. It is that voice that motivates us to keep writing content every week.

Syneka Marketing is moving

Unveiling our new office at 204 Bank Street, South Melbourne

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All of the boxes have been unpacked and we have officially moved into 204 Bank Street South Melbourne! Our office is now in operation and is ready to take on new marketing clients, and of course serve our existing clients.

204 Bank Street was the former home of the Butterfly Club, one of Melbourne’s most innovative cabaret theatres. It has now been transformed into our marketing agency with a clean, fresh new look!

The Syneka Marketing Boardroom

The Syneka Marketing Boardroom

Our new space consists of office suites as well as a spacious boardroom that looks onto Bank Street and the Emerald Hill heritage precinct of South Melbourne.

We are fortunate to have the South Melbourne market and many eateries within walking distance of the office.

The building was constructed in the 1880s and has elements that mirror the design of the South Melbourne Town Hall. Inside we have furnished it with a modern look, blending the historical and innovative.

Last week we installed the final touches, through signage on our front window, which overlooks our boardroom. We wanted a sign that really stands out, with a design that incorporates our logo in the forefront in 3D acrylic.

The Syneka Marketing Shopfront

The Syneka Marketing Shopfront

Our main office area consists of modern desks that provide an open plan working environment. We believe that the best strategies are formed through collaboration and as a result have designed our office around this concept.

The main office space

The main office space (with Alex busy at work)

204 Bank Street is acting as an incubator for our agency with the space to accommodate growth over the next few years. We will be sharing our journey with you through this blog. Stay tuned for details on our launch party!

Syneka Marketing is moving

Progress on our move to South Melbourne

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Over the past two weeks we have been busy moving our offices to South Melbourne.

Our new office at 204 Bank Street, South Melbourne is located in South Melbourne’s historical Emerald Hill precinct. We also now have a shop front, which will be utilised to showcase
marketing strategy. We are currently in the process of designing signage for this shop front.

While we’re still finalising some elements of our office, our board room is ready to be unveiled and can be accessed directly through the shop front.

The Syneka Marketing Boardroom

The Syneka Marketing Boardroom

Our location was the former home of the Butterfly Club, Melbourne’s first cabaret venue. While we have remodelled the building to reflect the needs of our
marketing agency
, we have retained some elements of the building’s historical past, including its former tenants and its original history back to the 1880s.

Retaining the remnants of the Butterfly Club

Retaining the remnants of the Butterfly Club

So far, we have found South Melbourne to be an area that has a great sense of community, and this really fits in with our ethos as an ethical marketing agency. Over the next few weeks we will be adding the final touches to our move and will share this journey.