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Redefining marketing for Associations: Tuesday 5th July

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The Associations Forum aims to encourage best practice for associations to foster good governance within the sector. Last year I was invited to conduct a workshop for members of the Forum, exploring the role of marketing within associations.

This year I will be presenting a plenary session on the role of marketing at the 2016 Associations Forum National Conference. This session will explore the role of marketing within associations, identifying the need for good marketing governance and defined how outcomes can be measured through a strategic approach.

The Associations Forum National Conference will be held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, Redefining Marketing: Metrics and Marketing Performance for Associations is a plenary session opening the conference on Tuesday the 5th of July.

For details visit afnc.associations.net.au

DM Forum

DM Forum – October 2015

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We attended the October DM forum. The DM forum is a quarterly event series that brings together professional marketers.

This event contained speakers from LinkedIn and the Great Ocean Road.

The speaker from LinkedIn provided insights into new features and best practice around utilising a LinkedIn company page. As avid users of LinkedIn, Alex won a prize when discussing best practices for posting on LinkedIn.

The presentation on the Great Ocean Road focused on the creative communications strategy for the towns located along the Great Ocean Road. Of interest to us will be the impact of this strategy in achieving measurable results.

For information about the next DM forum please visit dmforum.com.au.

Re-defining Marketing for Associations and Not-for-profit organisations

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The Associations Forum shares best practices and knowledge within not-for-profit associations and organisations. This afternoon we delivered our Re-defining Marketing Workshop through the Associations Forum, working with participants on how to strengthen the role of marketing so they can build organisational capacity.

We guided participants through the vision they bring as individual associations. We explored the traditional model of membership, events and sponsorship and transformed this into a platform that engages stakeholders around the notion of value.

We explored organisational strengths and how these could be positioned into opportunities that can be leveraged and delivered as value to stakeholders. Similarly, we discussed how weaknesses can be mitigated, through collaboration and differentiation within the marketplace.

Alex hosting the Re-defining Marketing workshop

Alex hosting the Re-defining Marketing workshop

We looked at the diverse range of stakeholders and how organisations can align desired outcomes with their interests to foster ongoing engagement. In particular, we discussed advocacy and the need to ensure a cohesive approach when seeking to influence policies, as well as working with other organisations around common interests.

This is the premise of effective marketing. As marketers we need to be the conduit between various departments or perspectives, so that outcomes can be created and measured. Marketing is based on the notion of value exchange and it is through this approach that you can build capacity that delivers sustainable growth.

Far too much marketing is execution led, which has resulted in questionable results. Instead, marketing needs to be led through strategy, ensuring that your strategic marketing plan sets your direction.

The workshop explored our marketing framework, which fosters continuous improvement by ensuring that metrics are embedded through a cohesive strategic direction that is delivered through the execution of marketing initiatives.

Ultimately, we re-defined marketing to ensure it is aligned with business goals, to reinforce your value proposition and to guide ongoing growth.

2014 in Review – Thank you for being part of the Journey

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We are almost at the end of 2014 with the new year fast approaching. This year has been a transformational time for us at Syneka Marketing, including the move to our new location in South Melbourne. We would like to thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Our regular Syneka Snippets and Blog will return in 2015, along with some exciting new initiatives that we’ll be launching shortly after the new year. To end 2014 we thought we would share our top 10 most visited posts from this year:

  1. Unveiling our new office at 204 Bank Street, South Melbourne
  2. Webinar and Presentation: Best Practices For Developing Effective Marketing Strategies and Plans
  3. Good Marketing Requires a Sound Methodology
  4. Setting Effective Marketing Budgets
  5. Don’t undertake hit or miss marketing
  6. Branding is more than just a logo
  7. Do you make New Year’s resolutions for your business?
  8. White Night 2014 – Whose night is it anyway?
  9. Networking@6 – A business event with a point of difference
  10. Let’s give marketing a definition

We wish you all the very best for the remainder of 2014, and look forward to reconnecting in the new year!

Webinar: Best Practices For Developing Effective Marketing Strategies and Plans

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Registrations are now open for our upcoming webinar, on the best practices that are essential for developing effective
marketing strategies
and plans.

In this one hour webinar, Alex Makin and Natalia Perera from Syneka Marketing
, Australia’s award winning strategic marketing agency, will discuss the essential elements required to develop
effective marketing strategies and plans.

Using a dynamic and innovative approach, Syneka Marketing has developed marketing strategies for a diverse range of organisations, with a focus on measurability and outcomes.

This advanced webinar, aimed at marketing professionals and senior management will include:

  • Best practices for structuring a marketing plan
  • The importance of research
  • Using a collaborative approach to ensure organisational wide support
  • How to identify and undertake research on direct and indirect competitors
  • Composing a situational analysis and understanding macro-environmental trends
  • How to develop actionable strategies and actions
  • Including revenue goals and why these are essential
  • Marketing implementation and performance measurement
  • Responding to change and measuring progress

When: Tuesday, 27th May 2014
What Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Sydney Time
Where: Online – join via your computer!
Your Host: Alex Makin and Natalia Perera – Syneka Marketing
Learning Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Register at: www2.redbackconferencing.com.au/marketing_strategy

Examples of our rebranded marketing material

Following Our Own Advice – The Rebrand of Syneka Marketing

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In late 2012 we decided to rebrand Syneka Marketing. We strive to be innovative and keep up with the latest marketing and design trends.  We felt that whilst we had consistent branding, a fresh new look would help demonstrate the full range of our services.

Rebranding is not an easy task. Rebranding your own organisation is even more difficult due to the fact that it can be difficult to remain objective. We decided that the best way to approach the rebrand was to treat us the same way as one of our our clients.

We began this process by defining who we are as an agency. We discovered that there were strong links between our brand and that of our Managing Director, Alex.  We also considered  where we want to go into the future and what kind of agency we want to become.

We decided that we want  to be seen as a full service marketing agency, comprised of highly skilled marketing and communication professionals who deliver results with integrity.

We made the decision that we wanted all our rebranded material to be clean, easy to read and recognizable.

The first step in our rebranding process was to develop a logo that was reflective of the organisation that we wanted to become. The logo we selected plays on the first letters of our name and is easy to recognize. We chose various shades of blue as we felt that this reinforced the clean look that we were trying to achieve.

Upon completing the logo we began working on a range of stationery and promotional materials to accompany the logo. We decided to use various segments of circles as this matched our logo and added depth to the design. The circles are representative of our vision, that success begins with strategy and that strategy encompasses the entire organisation.

In 2013 we are ready to launch our rebrand with the development of our new website.  We look forward to servicing our clients creative, strategic and digital needs further in 2013.