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Collaboration – exploring the role of intermediaries in the marketing mix

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The role of intermediaries and distribution channels seems is often neglected when considering the marketing mix, yet these channels can assist in achieving marketing objectives, including reach into target markets and value adding of client based solutions.

Collaboration and the fostering of partnerships applies equally to business, not-for-profit organisations and government. Collaboration, however, will not work effectively when it is poorly defined. When this occurs collaboration can quickly become in effect a client/supplier relationship or a partnership in name only, with the terms being one-sided.

The latter is surprisingly common in the not-for-profit sector, causing sector wide advocacy to become splintered, limiting reach and effectiveness. As a result, the not-for-profit sector lacks the industry wide voices that exist for businesses, whereby fierce business competitors will work together through associations to advocate on common issues, delivering a unified voice to government and other stakeholders.

All partners need to have a shared understanding of how each participant will deliver mutual value, meaning there should be alignment between the respective marketing plans. Ensure that each partner understands the desired outcomes, as well as timeframes and the resources that will be provided to work towards these results.

Collaboration can fail at all levels. The recent referendum in the UK, with the majority of voters indicating a desire to leave the European Union, is an example of where the perceived value of the collaboration did not meet expectations, despite economic evidence to the contrary.
Be clear on the purpose of the collaboration and what you aim to achieve. Make sure all partners understand that they need to invest resources into making collaboration work and that they have a genuine understanding of the need for shared success.

Ultimately the aim is to grow the pie, rather than fight over crumbs. Any collaboration that spends time fighting over what they currently have, rather than working towards what they should be achieving, is not going to deliver clear value.

Rail Futures end of year event

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Rail Futures is a public transport advocacy association with a focus on policy development. I have been involved in the group by providing marketing advice to complement the detailed research and insights that are used to influence policy discussion.

This afternoon Rail Futures launched its Future Proofing Melbourne Policy Paper. The paper advocates for an integrated metropolitan land use and transport strategy to ensure a sustainable, resilient, less car dependent city.

Rail Futures continues an ongoing interest in sustainable transport caused by spurred by the commute to Monash University from Ringwood. My involvement in the Public Transport Users Association led to my election on Maroondah City Council in 2005 and my desire to secure the redevelopment of Ringwood Station during my time as Mayor in 2010.

This successful advocacy led to the redevelopment of Ringwood Station, which unlocked over $500 million in private sector development through the revitalisation of Ringwood Town Square and Eastland Shopping Centre.

Advocacy relies on influencing discussion and policy direction, marketing is a key component in framing these conversations.

Details on Rail Futures can be found at www.railfutures.org.au