Creating a viable market facing model for aged care providers

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The aged care sector is undergoing changes requiring new customer centric business models that respond to funding changes, consumer choice and the need to optimise margins due to compliance costs.

Our Marketing Governance Framework will enable you to make informed marketing decisions in an uncertain aged care environment.

Accredited Industry Professionals

Marketing Governance Framework

Optimise Marketing Performance

Aged Care is in the unenviable position of facing rising compliance costs while operating in an increasingly competitive market.

Funding for aged care services has changed. There is now consumer choice, with participants being able to choose which providers are suitable to assist them based on the level of care required.

These funding changes mean there is a need for marketing that not only engages participants but also key stakeholders and referral partners. Greater choice increases competitive pressures, requiring an understanding of the marketplace and competitor trends.

Syneka Marketing assists aged care providers in navigating this environment,  ensuring organisations can flourish despite the challenges of increasing competition and compliance.

Using its accredited and recognised Marketing Governance Framework Syneka Marketing is able to deliver marketing solutions that instil marketing rigour and accountability.