Marketing has the unenviable reputation of being esoteric and immeasurable. The quote; half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half (attributed to Department Store owner John Wanamaker) is still prevalent, despite originating in the late 1800s.

The fact is that marketing, including offline and digital communications, can be measured; if you embed a culture of Marketing Governance within your business or organisation.

This is why we have created the Syneka Marketing Governance Framework.

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What is Marketing Governance?

Good governance forms the core of most business functions, yet marketing is surprisingly absent when considering governance frameworks. The marketing profession should not ignore its governance responsibilities, it should be embracing governance to demonstrate its impact on revenue.

Strategic Oversight

Our framework ensures the necessary strategic oversight to align marketing activities with the goals of your business. Marketing needs to support the direction of your business, strengthening profitability and ensuring consistency across the marketing mix and customer experience.

Risk Considerations

Marketing Governance fully assesses risk, ensuring that your brand essence and corporate values, consider stakeholder reactions and anticipated returns. A failure to properly assess risk is a major contributor to the reputational and financial risk caused by failed campaigns.

Financial Reporting

Marketing needs to fully account for its costs and revenue. Financial accountability is provided through marketing and campaign plans that identify resource requirements, financial metrics and the anticipated return across each customer touchpoint.

Personnel & Responsibilities

Marketing Governance instils clarity within marketing roles, streamlining reporting lines and delegations within the marketing function and across your business. Clear roles and responsibilities reduce marketing risk by strengthing accountability and responsiveness.

Accountability & Performance

Marketing metrics underpin the foundations of marketing governance, through clearly defined inputs that contribute to outputs that contribute directly to business outcomes. Fully understanding metrics across the decision making processes enables you to optimise marketing performance.

Marketing Governance provides the framework for your organisation to become market facing by coalescing internal capabilities with market needs.