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Know your customers

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Last week we discussed the origins of Syneka Marketing and our overall vision, discussing how marketing needs to focus on impact, namely the ability to build your capacity so it delivers synergies across all aspects of your business.

For any enterprise, it is imperative that you know and understand your customers. Often we consider the customer to be the end purchaser, but there are many instances where others will influence the purchase. The obvious example is parents, whereby children will often influence decisions.

Knowing your customer, the processes they use to make a decision and the outcomes they want to achieve, is critical. For many businesses your customers evolve over time and this is no different for us at Syneka Marketing.

Understanding your customers will help you adapt to changing needs.

Understanding your customers will help you adapt to changing needs.

As Syneka Marketing evolves into a leading agency that works with medium sized enterprises, corporates and social enterprises, we have found that there are unique needs when compared to small business.

While many statistics aggregate small business and medium enterprises (SME), their needs are in fact very different. Small business often needs mentoring and support, in conjunction with marketing strategy and execution.

As a result, we are launching the Small Business Marketing Agency, a partnership between Syneka Marketing and Vent2Me. The Small Business Marketing Agency will be based primarily at the NABVillage in the Docklands, in conjunction with our South Melbourne location and a presence in Ringwood. The Small Business Marketing Agency website at www.smallbusinessmarketingagency.com.au provides further details.

This approach will enable our Syneka Marketing team to continue its evolution by focusing on leading social enterprises, medium sized business and corporates, while we continue to re-define marketing across all sectors.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Australian Marketing Institute – Victorian End of Year Function

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Over the past twelve months, the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) has focused on strengthening its capacity, including a new governance structure, newly appointed CEO and a re-forming of its State Committees. The aim for 2014 was to strengthen these foundations so the AMI can expand its presence in 2015 and beyond.

Tonight we held AMI Victoria’s final activity for 2014, an end of year networking event. While formalities were kept to a minimum, the event provided an opportunity to introduce the members of the new Victorian Advisory Committee. This event was also my first in my role as Chair of the Victorian Advisory Committee. It was fantastic to speak to the attendees, and to gain an insight into their experiences and skills.

Planning is underway for 2015, with a renewed focus on demonstrating the value of marketing and elevating the role of the Australian Marketing Institute. Our first event for 2015 will be a breakfast on the 26th of February discussing Big Data. Stay tuned for details and other exciting events in the new year.

Advice on Delivering Effective Presentations

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Delivering presentations, whether through workshops or as keynote addresses, is an essential activity at Syneka Marketing. Most roles across business, not-for-profit organisations and government will involve some form of presentation delivery.

Delivering effective presentations allows you to convey your key messages.

Delivering effective presentations allows you to convey your key messages.

We thought it would be useful to discuss some steps we follow when delivering presentations:

  1. What is the topic? Know what you will be discussing and the reasons for the presentation. Ensure that you have identified the key points you wish to convey.
  2. Work to the duration. The length of your presentation will determine the depth and breadth of your content. Make sure you speak to the time that is allocated.
  3. What is the presentation format? Are you delivering a formal presentation, or is the format designed to be interactive? Often this will also depend on the number of attendees, given that larger audiences often require more formalised content.
  4. Know the speaking session. For example, if you are you one of several speakers, you need to maintain audience interest during the session. If you are delivering a stand alone presentation, then ensure you are able to promote the key outcomes you want to deliver.
  5. Know your audience. Who is attending and why? What outcomes are the attendees expecting, and how you can deliver on these expectations?
  6. Are presentation aides required? If so, make sure that the equipment such as whiteboards, projectors and computers, are available. Always have a backup, equipment can fail and you will need to be prepared with an alternative.
  7. Be clear on the outcomes. Understand the aims of your presentation and what you want to achieve. Ensure that your content is consistent with the outcomes you are seeking to achieve.
  8. Be prepared. Know what you want to say and be able to say it with confidence. You will not need to remember every single word of your presentation, but do ensure that you remember your key points.

Being able to deliver presentations can require practice, so ensure you are prepared. Your content should provide a consistent structure that introduces your topic, expands the content and demonstrates the key outcomes you want to achieve.

Hobsons Bay City Council InterAgency Network

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Syneka Marketing attended the August Hobsons Bay City Council InterAgency Network meeting in Altona.

This meeting provides an opportunity for not-for-profit organisation servicing Hobsons Bay to meet each other, network and share ideas. Hobsons Bay Council also provides an update on topics of interest to not-for-profit organisations.

We were invited to present information about Governance Mentors. Governance Mentors is currently in the process of recruiting organisations to participate in the program and who would like a mentor to assist their committee of management achieve better governance outcomes.

Hobsons Bay City Council assisted Governance Mentors in recruiting mentors for the not-for-profit social enterprise. As a result half of the mentors who applied for the first Melbourne based training for Governance Mentors are from the Hobsons Bay area.

Our presentation provided an opportunity for organisations to gain an insight into Governance Mentors and how they can participate in the program.

We would like to thank Hobsons Bay City Council for their assistance with Governance Mentors.

Presentation and Workshop on Social Media with Interchange

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Interchange is a member organisation that provides family support and social opportunities for children and young people with a disability. As an organisation focused on younger people, the use of technology as a communication tool, is becoming increasingly important.

I was invited to discuss the role of social media, as a community engagement tool, where we explored both current and emerging platforms.

Platforms, such as Facebook, are utilised across all demographics, providing an opportunity to reach not only young people, but other family members. Facebook is useful in reaching a broad demographic through an organisational page or group. Instagram is an increasingly popular social media tool for under 30 year olds, and is a mobile based platform. Organisations that can document their activities through photos can extend their reach through Instagram and other targeted tools.

Each social media platform has its own target markets and use cases, it is imperative to use the right tools to reach your communities.

We also covered safeguards on social media. Topics included the need for policies that outline acceptable usage of social media and the need for consistent communication. An organisation is responsible for any content that is published on its social media pages. It is imperative there is a proactive response to managing and fostering communities.

Social media has the potential to extend the reach of organisations and foster the development of communities. Like any communication platform, social media requires a strategic approach to deliver positive outcomes to an organisation.

Let’s give marketing a definition

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As we’ve discussed previously, one of the fundamental challenges with marketing is the lack of definition. There is a need to define marketing so it can provide a clearly articulated role within businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Unfortunately the term marketing has been hijacked by service providers that do not provide a holistic approach. Individual components, like graphic design, logos, social media, telesales and websites do not deliver marketing.

These are individual elements that can become a form of marketing, if there is a strategic plan that integrates key messages, appearance and calls to action.

Neglecting to develop a strategic marketing plan will result in a hit or miss approach with marketing. While, some of it may work, there will be diminished outcomes, due to the lack of a cohesive approach.

We’re aiming to redefine marketing so its strategic merits are understood and appreciated. This is why we’ve introducing a series of eBooks, with our first topic exploring the definition and role of marketing.

What is Marketing?‘ explores the elements of marketing and discusses how these combine into a cohesive strategy. The eBook includes worksheet based questions to develop a practical application of the key concepts.

We are offering ‘What is Marketing?‘ as a free resource to help guide the discussion and definition of marketing, and prevent the hit and miss approach that we see far too often in businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

We will be releasing further eBooks identifying specific areas of marketing, that we believe need clarification and support. We are happy to take your suggestions on topic you would like covered. Email us at alex@synekamarketing.com.au and let us know your thoughts.

‘What is Marketing?’ is a free eBook available for downloading from our eBook Portal.

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