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Megan Nolan

Megan Nolan – Top 100 Future Leaders

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On the 8th of February, I had the honour of being recognised as one of the Top 100 Future leaders of 2018. GradConnection and Fusion Graduate Consultancy partner each year to assess, test and interview thousands of university students from around Australia to find the next best 100 leaders. 10 Students from 10 different industries were selected, I was proudly elected for marketing.

After completing a lengthy application form detailing my grades, experience and passions in September 2017, I underwent a series of tests designed to identify my strengths, weaknesses and compatibility with leadership positions. This included a video interview and a selection of psychometric tests which were conducted over the final 3 months of 2017.

Last Thursday, myself and 99 other selected Top 100 Future Leaders were flown to Sydney to participate in an assessment process run by GradConnection at the University of Technology Sydney. It was a demanding day intended to test time management, teamwork and public speaking and among other skills required for leaders.

The experience filled me with pride, it is a tremendous feeling to be recognised in your field. But more than that, it was exhilarating to be surrounded by students of all ages that were as passionate and dedicated to their work as I am.

Although I have been always been diligent and studious, I know I owe much of my good fortune to the education I have received from RMIT University and the opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills to Syneka Marketing.

Simon Sinek promotes that “it’s not how or what you do, it’s why you do it that is important.” I study hard at university because I love learning and I work hard at Syneka because I am passionate for marketing. I believe I was recognised by GradConnection and Fusion Graduate Consultancy because I am both dedicated to constantly bettering myself and the world around me.