The Launch of Ringwood Realm

By October 29, 2015 Government

Ringwood Realm, is a new multipurpose cultural and innovation centre located at Ringwood, providing integral community facilities in the heart of the town centre. Realm, alongside Eastland Shopping Centre, was essential to the urban renewal of Ringwood.

While the launch of Realm took place today, planning commenced many years earlier, with initial discussions beginning in the early 2000s. Planning applications and the identification of key community needs gathered pace between 2005 and 2012, during my time on Maroondah City Council. The advancement of Ringwood was key priority of mine in 2010 when I served as Mayor of Maroondah City Council and this led to a major campaign calling for the redevelopment of Ringwood Station in a modern, accessible transport interchange. Our advocacy, which involved a range of key community groups, was successful in securing the redevelopment of Ringwood Station, which served as the catalyst for further investment.

The vision for Ringwood was many years in the making, with the actual construction phase being just one component. There are many parallels to the business world, where strong foundations lead to sustainable outcomes. While agility has become a buzzword, there is the need for strong foundations and planning to guide successful outcomes.

Unfortunately, many businesses focus on tactics rather than strategy, creating disparate activities that have little ability to achieve a business vision. Any successful venture takes planning and the culmination of Ringwood through partnerships with the community, State and Commonwealth Governments is one clear example of this.

Alex Makin

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