A new financial year – a new opportunity to make marketing work for you

Over the past six months we have been re-imagining marketing, and seeking to define the outcomes achieved through a strategic approach to marketing.

With the start of a new financial year fast approaching it is time to start thinking about your marketing and re-define the way that you do things in your business.

Marketing like Accountancy or Law is a professional service. There is a need to utilise the right expertise to provide the foundations that enable ongoing business success.

One of the ways we work with businesses is through our marketing audits. A marketing audit is a marketing health check for your business. The marketing audit assesses the effectiveness of your current marketing activities. Outcomes include an understanding of what marketing components you need to undertake to achieve ongoing success.

There is a need to redefine marketing based on definitions adopted by peak marketing associations.

There is a need to redefine marketing based on definitions adopted by peak marketing associations.


We have led the need to embed metrics into marketing through our focus on re-imaging marketing. The marketing audit provides the framework to evaluate your marketing activities and ensure a positive return on investment.

A strategic approach to marketing takes away the guess work in terms of what marketing you need to achieve ongoing success. Marketing should not be a hit-or-miss exercise and a marketing audit will show you the mix of marketing tools that align to your business outcomes.

Natalia Perera

Author Natalia Perera

Natalia is Syneka Marketing’s Innovation and Strategic Insights Director. In her role she creates out of the box solutions that enable our clients to stand out from the crowd. Natalia is detail focused, creative and business savvy. She understands how to develop content that facilitates growth, and enables our clients to succeed.

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