Our latest eBook: A Marketing Framework for Ongoing Performance

A Marketing Framework for Ongoing Performance Cover

Marketing needs a framework that provides the rigour to deliver ongoing performance. The right framework lets you measure performance, establish your direction and implement the required activities.

Marketing is not an ad-hoc series of tasks, it should be underpinned through an alignment with your strategic direction. Our framework follows a structured approach and is detailed in this eBook:

Audit – Reviews your existing marketing activities and measures performance against the current direction. The audit is used to establish metrics, and identifies what is required to uplift your marketing capacity.

Plan – Aligns marketing outcomes with your business goals, ensuring a cohesive strategic direction and the capacity to deliver upon your vision. The plan ensures consistency across all areas of marketing and a common unified direction within your business.

Execution – consists of the delivery and implementation of your marketing plan. The execution phase enables you to measure outcomes and assess the overall impact of your strategic direction. The delivery of marketing outcomes needs to be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure consistency and ongoing performance.

Our Marketing Framework is designed to foster ongoing performance and improvement through feedback mechanisms and evaluation.  Please download your free copy of this eBook from www.synekamarketing.com.au/ebooks

Alex Makin

Author Alex Makin

In a career spanning over fifteen years, Alex has been instrumental in transforming, reinvigorating and growing the capacity of businesses and not-for-profit organisations. He is a visionary who understands the big picture. Alex's expertise is a Certified Practising Marketer and as Chair of the Victorian State Council of the Australian Marketing Institute. Alex is also an accomplished speaker, author and mentor and former Mayor and Councillor for the City of Maroondah.

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