Identify the resources required to deliver your marketing plan

Developing a marketing plan lets you articulate your strategic direction to ensure that marketing builds your capacity to achieve this vision. A marketing plan also enables you to identify the resources you need to deliver the outcomes you have identified.

Your marketing plan will only be implemented effectively if you identify the resources that are required. Consider not just budgetary considerations, but also the personnel and skills that are needed. Ensure that the required personnel are aware of their responsibilities and identify key metrics that will be used to measure the effective of marketing outcomes.

A holistic approach to marketing will often involve personnel across the entire business and you need to ensure that everyone realises how they can support the direction of the marketing plan. There is a need for marketing to function across a business, rather than being siloed as one standalone department. While the marketing department may have ultimate accountability over the delivery of the marketing plan, its successful execution will depend on the entire business.

Similarly, there is a need to identify timeframes that support the implementation schedule. Ensure that these timeframes are accurate with evaluation being undertaken to ensure that requirements are being met. Defining these timeframes enables you to monitor the progress of activities and to be aware of any variations.

Budgets also need to be accurate, with an understanding of the various tasks required to undertake the activities identified in the plan. Consider how each activity should be prioritised and the process needed for budget approvals. Marketing activities should exist to reinforce your strategic direction. As a result these tasks should be complement each other so you can build on the overall approach established through your plan.

Implementing your marketing plan is how you will see results from the direction you have identified. Ensure that you follow through by allocating the resources that are needed to achieve this vision.

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