How to create an effective implementation plan

Marketing Execution

An effective marketing plan provides clarity and direction on how to execute your strategic direction. When approaching the execution phase always consider the following:

Let your strategic direction guide your plan – your marketing plan should assist you when determining the specifics of your implementation action plan. It should inform you of what resources you need, who needs to work on the plan and if external assistance is required. An implementation plan should be set out in an order that maximizes the content contained in your marketing plan.

Work to strengths – when allocating responsibilities, remember to work to the strengths of your personnel, partners and suppliers. If there are tasks that you are unable to do as well as others, then consider who is best able to deliver these results.

Work to your timeframes – an implementation plan can be constructed to highlight activities that are required on a yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Ideally, your implementation plan should be created to match the level of detail and visibility that you need.

An implementation plan is a living document – it is important to remember that an implementation schedule and a marketing plan are living documents that should be utilised on a regular basis. Should your scope or direction change, you may need to undertake an audit of your marketing activities and refine your approach. If an event is delayed, go back to your marketing plan and adjust your implementation approach so you can ensure a timely approach.

The Syneka Marketing Methodology

Creating an effective marketing plan supported by an implementation schedule, ensures that you will have the steps you need to maximize your marketing plan.

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