Melbourne Silicon Beach: Redefining Marketing for Melbourne’s StartUp Community

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Silicon Beach is Australia’s leading startup community, providing networking opportunities and support in developing local StartUps. We’re pleased to announce that we are the official marketing sponsor of Melbourne Silicon Beach and we’ll be working with the co-hosts to develop the capacity of the organisation and the businesses it supports.

Our interest in StartUps stems from our desire to redefine marketing. Unfortunately the StartUp space has been heavily romanticised, painting the illusion that tech giants, such as Facebook or Google were overnight sensations. The reality could not be further from the truth, developing the product, whether it be the next breakthrough App or Internet focused disruption, is one element. The positioning and marketing of these developments, is what separates success from failure.

Betamax vs VHS - technology innovations from the 1980s and a case study in how marketing needs to be strategic

Betamax vs VHS – technology innovations from the 1980s and a case study in how marketing needs to be strategic

Many technically superior products have failed to gain traction, due to an inadequate marketing approach. In the 1980s we had the VHS vs Betamax format wars, and this was repeated recently with the battle over Blu-Ray and HD DVD. The key to Blu-Ray’s success was in the support it garnered through studios and distributors, key channels that needed to be leveraged to reach end-customer interest.

Similarly, the whole of experience approach led to the ultimate dominance of VHS, against the strong foothold that Betamax had in the 1980s. VHS had a focus on reaching consumers through multiple channels, which outweighed the technical advantages of the Betamax format.

A lack of suitable marketing is cited as one of the top ten causes of business failure within Australia. Our support of Melbourne Silicon Beach is designed to re-define marketing; so StartUps and other businesses, understand the scope of marketing in the context of their vision.

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