Re-imagining Marketing – Our First Workshop for 2015

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Marketing is unfortunately one of the most misunderstood terms in business. For far too long, the term has become corrupted, due to a focus on execution, rather than strategy.

Marketing does not exist for the sake of itself, instead it is about providing the strategic direction and planning framework that enables you to expand the capacity of your business.

Alex guiding particpants through re-imaging Marketing

Alex guiding participants through re-imaging Marketing

To assist in re-defining what marketing is, we have launched our workshop series, ‘Reimagining Marketing – Make Marketing Work for You’. The first of these workshops was delivered this morning with our partners at the NABVillage.

Through this workshop we conveyed the true definition of marketing, being one that creates value and enables you to expand your capacity into the future. We explored our award winning strategic planning framework, built upon the solid foundation of capturing the right information, gaining insights that inform your strategic direction and delivering the actions that meet your goals.

Natalia and I co-presented the workshop, and it was fantastic to see the insightful discussion and willingness of participants to share their perceptions and experiences with marketing. We worked through several real-life case studies to explore how a strategic approach to marketing facilitates business growth.

Natalia discussing the foundations of a marketing plan

Natalia discussing the foundations of a marketing plan

We explored the key elements of a marketing plan, exploring current and future trends, as well as how to respond to competitive pressures and a changing context. Once your plan is confirmed, it is then a matter of executing the elements and providing a measurable approach that lets you evaluate results.

Marketing creates value for a business by aligning your business plan with marketing outcomes. We will be delivering several workshops over the course of 2015 so we can re-imagine marketing to ensure it delivers value and a positive impact.

For a further discussion on marketing0, please download our complementary eBook, ‘What is Marketing?’ This eBook includes worksheets to assist you in articulating your value proposition and the strategic direction of your business.

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