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Throughout this month we discussed how plans need to be put into action. Implementing and evaluating results, lets you ensure that outcomes meet expectations. One particular area that requires ongoing attention is the customer experience.

In February we discussed how the National Gallery of Victoria should have better managed customer experiences during peak times of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. Janet, one of our subscribers, highlighted how the Royal Botanical Garden is managing customer experiences through the proactive use of social media:

I remember in one of your Syneka Snippets you talked about how your experience of an exhibition could have been improved with better anticipation of visitor needs:

I wonder if you were following the rise and fall of a spectacular plant at the Royal Botanic Gardens. The plant had its own twitter feed. Following the tweets, I got a sense that the RBG managed the interest they created well.

If you’re interested, take a look at TitanArum via Twitter on @RBGTitanArum

This is a great example of how the Royal Boticational Gardens is managing expectations around one of its key highlights. Rather than having patrons disappointed, the Twitter feed proactively reports when the plant is in flower, while educating on other exhibits at the Gardens.

A great example that reinforces how customer experiences can be managed on a proactive basis. Follow the Twitter feed for TitanARum at @RBGTitanArum

Thanks Janet for the feedback!

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