Inside a Marketing Plan – Make sure you can Deliver your Strategies

Over the course of this month we have provided insight into the components required to develop a marketing plan.

We first explored the importance of capturing information, so you can understand the context. We then examined the importance of strategies, so you can analyse findings from the capture phase and articulate what you want to achieve. The third phase of a marketing plan is the Delivery phase. This is where you consider how you will implement the strategies you identified.

The Delivery Phase ensures you can action your marketing plan. The Delivery Phase ensures you can action your marketing plan.

Know what resources are required

Marketing Plans need to be measurable so you can evaluate progress towards your outcomes. The Delivery phase is where you identify the tasks that are required and establish the outcomes you want to achieve. Each of the actions should reinforce the direction of your marketing plan and need to align with your strategies.

As part of this assessment consider the resources that are required, in terms of personnel, budgets and time. The completed marketing plan must be actionable and this is only possible if you understand the resources that you need. As part of this assessment, you should also identify the outcomes that are desired, including tangible metrics. For example, if you are undertaking a promotional campaign to encourage repeat purchases, you would want to identity your existing customer base and then determine the percentage that is required to generate a positive return.

Measure Performance

Often many of the identified activities will be interconnected. It is important to consider the staging of these actions so you can work towards achieving your strategies. Some actions will be ongoing tasks and these need to be considered as part of position descriptions and performance reviews.

There can be a disconnect between developing a plan and implementing its findings. The Delivery phase is what connects the plan to actionable outcomes, the timeframes and resources you identify will assist in achieving these results.

The Delivery Phase ensures that you can evaluate progress as you execute and implement your marketing activities.

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