Google For Entrepreneurs – Female Founders Event

By October 22, 2014 November 20th, 2014 News

Today I attended an event that was specifically aimed at women in the technology sector. As a marketing agency, we are passionate about innovation  The technology sector provides great examples of new platforms and applications that can transform the way that we live our daily lives.

Often many events that are aimed at the technology sector are male dominated. It was inspiring to see so many female technology entrepreneurs attend this event and actively work to build their networks.

Sally-Ann Williams from Google spoke about Moonshot thinking which involves picking a problem, and offering a radical solution that is based on evidence. Disruptive technologies are examples of using Moonshot thinking. She also discussed the importance for women in the technology sector to engage in networking and marketing.

Marketing is an important part of ensuring that a business remains sustainable, particularly when a business has developed an innovative product that is unfamiliar to the market place.

Natalia Perera

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