Advice on Delivering Effective Presentations

Delivering presentations, whether through workshops or as keynote addresses, is an essential activity at Syneka Marketing. Most roles across business, not-for-profit organisations and government will involve some form of presentation delivery.

Delivering effective presentations allows you to convey your key messages.

Delivering effective presentations allows you to convey your key messages.

We thought it would be useful to discuss some steps we follow when delivering presentations:

  1. What is the topic? Know what you will be discussing and the reasons for the presentation. Ensure that you have identified the key points you wish to convey.
  2. Work to the duration. The length of your presentation will determine the depth and breadth of your content. Make sure you speak to the time that is allocated.
  3. What is the presentation format? Are you delivering a formal presentation, or is the format designed to be interactive? Often this will also depend on the number of attendees, given that larger audiences often require more formalised content.
  4. Know the speaking session. For example, if you are you one of several speakers, you need to maintain audience interest during the session. If you are delivering a stand alone presentation, then ensure you are able to promote the key outcomes you want to deliver.
  5. Know your audience. Who is attending and why? What outcomes are the attendees expecting, and how you can deliver on these expectations?
  6. Are presentation aides required? If so, make sure that the equipment such as whiteboards, projectors and computers, are available. Always have a backup, equipment can fail and you will need to be prepared with an alternative.
  7. Be clear on the outcomes. Understand the aims of your presentation and what you want to achieve. Ensure that your content is consistent with the outcomes you are seeking to achieve.
  8. Be prepared. Know what you want to say and be able to say it with confidence. You will not need to remember every single word of your presentation, but do ensure that you remember your key points.

Being able to deliver presentations can require practice, so ensure you are prepared. Your content should provide a consistent structure that introduces your topic, expands the content and demonstrates the key outcomes you want to achieve.

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