Branding is more than just a logo

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Last week we looked at the definition of marketing. One of the major causes of confusion is the word branding, which is often a term that is confused for marketing.

A brand provides a physical identity for your business or a product or service, and while it is an element of marketing, it is not marketing in itself. A brand will often encompass elements, such as a logo and tagline, but should also consider the tone of content, supporting colours and overall appearance.

Marketing is the process that identifies whether your brand is relevant to your target market, adequately represents what you do and is able to differentiate yourself from competitors. A logo, or brand, that is created in isolation, is not going to provide you with traction.

If your logo fails to connect with your target market and does not reinforce the overall narrative of your business, then it will fail to provide a return.

Marketing is the thought behind a brand. This is why a marketing plan considers your products and services, analyses your competitors and identifies potential target markets.

A logo and brand is a physical representation of the marketing planning that has been considered for your business. A marketing plan enables you to understand the context, so you have a brand that is right for your business and reaches the demographics you want to target.

Branding is about aiming for the target

Branding is about aiming for the target

At Syneka Marketing we are passionate about defining marketing, to ensure that businesses avoid the hit or miss approach when considering how to reach target markets and promote their products and services. Our eBook What is Marketing? is a complimentary download and discusses the role of marketing in further detail.

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