Speaking about Presentation Skills to the Darfur Australia Network (DAN)

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The Darfur Australia Network (DAN) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising awareness about the plight of Sudanese people living in the Darfur region of Sudan and build dialogue between Australians and the people of Darfur.

On Sunday, Alex and I delivered a presentation to the Darfur Australia Network on presentation skills.

The network is planning on collecting signatures at Flinders Street Station this Friday during Refugee week. Our presentation was developed to assist volunteers to collect these signatures by approaching people walking through Flinders Street Station.

Much of the presentation focused on confidence and speaking with passion and purpose, which are essential when speaking about causes.

We believe that while many people develop presentation skills over time through programs such as Toastmasters, it is passion, purpose and confidence that really sells a message and enables a speaker to remain authentic to who they are.

Topics covered during the session included structure, body language, tone and volume.

We made the workshop interactive, and participants were encouraged to ask questions as we worked through the content. There were role plays and questions that all the participants were encouraged to answer.

It was great to see the participants at the workshop speak with confidence and passion about Darfur and their role in the community.

We wish volunteers from the Darfur Australia Network the best with collecting signatures on Friday. If you are at Flinders Street Station between 12-6pm please visit the Darfur Action Network, they will be situated at the centre of the station.

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