Peace for Darfur – a petition signing

Syneka Marketing recently conducted a workshop for the Darfur Australia Network that assisted participants to develop their presentation skills.

Participants were able to test their skills through a petition signing at Flinders Street Station as part of Refugee Week. We attended the event to support the group and to see how the participants put their skills into action.

The Darfur Australia Network petition signing at Flinders Street Station

The Darfur Australia Network petition signing at Flinders Street Station

The event was well organised with photography, banners, artwork, videos and other collateral promoting the aim of the petition.

Participants spoke with confidence when discussing the conflict in Darfur, and exceeded their targets for the number of signatures they wanted to collect.

The event also included a live drama that demonstrated the devastating effects of the war as well as traditional dancing. These performances drew large crowds at Flinders Street Station.

Dancers at Flinders Street Station

Dancers at Flinders Street Station

Congratulations to the Darfur Australia Network and to the workshop attendees, who put what they learned into practice!

If you would like to sign this petition please go to the following link: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/minister-of-foreign-affairs-at-dfat-use-australia-s-upcoming-presidency-of-the-unsc-to-improve-the-security-and-protection-of-civilians-in-darfur?recruiter=111258090&utm_campaign=petition_invitation&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition


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