Loyalty stages – moving members forward

Members become (and remain) loyal one step at a time. Here are the key loyalty stages you will need to understand as you ‘move’ your members forward and build that loyalty … and trust.

  1. Who are your suspects, where are they, how will you approach them?
  2. What do you do to qualify suspects and turn them into genuine prospects – what value and benefits do they see? How innovative are you in attracting …
  3. First time members. How do you treat them? New member value package? New member event? Mentoring plan for new members? Or – do you count their membership fees and smile? If you don’t plan to build new member loyalty, you won’t be smiling for long.
  4. Members. This is the person who belongs to your organisation, pays their fees, attends meetings, attends games, contributes something to your organisation. They spend a fair and reasonable amount of their money (and their time) with you.
  5. Valued Members. These people tend to spend more, and more often. They are loyal and generally enjoy being a member of your organisation. This is not to imply that the (d) Member is not of value – simply, an (e) Member contributes more in terms of revenue, time and effort to your organisation.
  6. Advocates. These Members are your volunteers, leaders in the recruitment of new members, ‘cheerleaders’ at every event and major revenue contributors. They take their turn on the board, serve on committees and are generous and selfless with their time (and their money).

Do you know who your members are and in which classification they belong? The ideal situation is to move first year members to ongoing members, then to valued members. Ensure that your
incorporate moving your members forward.

Kevin Cahalane

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Kevin has been involved in the fields of sales, service, management, retail, training, business development and marketing, for 30 years. As an executive he has worked for companies such as IBM, and The Age newspaper. Kevin has worked with some of Australia’s top Associations, Clubs and other non-profit Organisations including CPA Australia, Financial Planning Association of Australia, Kindergarten Parents Victoria, Deakin University and Zoo's Victoria.

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