Don’t undertake hit or miss marketing

A comment we hear, time and time again, from business owners is that they are in the process of trying out various marketing tools to see how they work for their business.

While individual marketing tools may sometimes deliver positive results this, a hit or miss approach relies on luck rather than a strategic approach.

Effective marketing is not a trial and error process. A marketing strategy, through the development of a marketing plan, provides a business with a guide they can use to grow their business and measure outcomes.

A marketing strategy enables a business or organisation to break down objectives into realistic, actionable and achievable goals that deliver ongoing results, within the required budgetary requirements.

A marketing plan and strategy ensures marketing tools will achieve your goals - without the guess work

A marketing plan and strategy ensures marketing tools will achieve your goals – without the guess work

A marketing strategy will often suggest using a combination of marketing tools to achieve a particular outcome. For example, a marketing strategy for a business that sells fashionable clothing to young women that wants to raise brand awareness, may suggest social media, print advertising and building relationships with other businesses or organisations that cater to this demographic. Used in isolation, these tools may have some effect, however, when used together in a strategic way, they can deliver results faster and for less cost.

A marketing plan can take away the guess work if you are doing trials of marketing tools through a hit and miss approach. A strategic approach saves you time and money, providing you with the outcomes required to achieve your goals.

Natalia Perera

Author Natalia Perera

Natalia is Syneka Marketing’s Innovation and Strategic Insights Director. In her role she creates out of the box solutions that enable our clients to stand out from the crowd. Natalia is detail focused, creative and business savvy. She understands how to develop content that facilitates growth, and enables our clients to succeed.

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