Do you make New Year’s resolutions for your business?

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An implementation plan can make your goals a reality

January is almost over, and like so many of us I am trying to keep up with my own New Year’s resolutions.

For many businesses and organisations, a New Year marks a fresh start. Many of you may have ended 2013 with resolutions in the form of goals, sales targets or adopting new ways of doing things.

Setting goals and starting fresh is a great idea, especially if plans were sidetracked over the course of last year.

One of the ways we manage the process of working towards our goals is through an implementation plan.

Our implementation plan for 2014 has been developed by looking at the actions and strategies set out in our business and marketing plans. Implementation plans need to be systematic and realistic. For example, as January is generally a slow month for us, we don’t set revenue targets that are the same as the latter months of the year.

An implementation plan can make your goals a reality

An implementation plan can make your goals a reality

We like to use a Gantt chart to depict our implementation plan. Gantt charts provide a progress map that can be monitored over a specific timeframe. Gantt charts are customisable, and can be used to track daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly performance. Some CRM systems can be integrated with Gantt charts, enabling your IT infrastructure to automatically monitor progress.

Having a Gantt chart can provide you with both the big picture, and the finer details required to achieve your goals. These charts also have the added bonus of acting as motivators.

Implementation is an important part of the goal setting process, as it provides guidance on how to achieve tangible outcomes.

If you are worried about not being able to achieve your resolutions for 2014, why not develop an implementation plan and make your goals a reality.

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