Exploring Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi

"Horizon" at Sculptures by the Sea

We were in Sydney recently, presenting at Membership Mastery, a comprehensive workshop aimed at membership and marketing managers, who want to retain and grow their membership

I stayed in Sydney over the weekend, and was fortunate enough to see the Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi.

Concealed Craft

Concealed Craft

Once Removed

Once Removed

Sculpture by the Sea is a not-for-profit organisation that holds a sculpture exhibit which spans the Bondi coastline and nearby beaches.

I attended the exhibition on a bright sunny day, without a cloud in sight! There were over 100 sculptures that integrated with the Bondi coastline.

Themes covered, included sustainability, transformation and curiosity. Some of the sculptures were quite traditional, while others combined recycled materials including plastic bottle caps, spoons and even old mattresses.

I enjoyed the two hour walk to cover the exhibit. Sculpture by the Sea shows how a not-for-profit organisation can capture the imagination of the general public and also create focal points that do not detract from the beauty of the natural surrounds of Bondi.

East of the Mulberry Tree

East of the Mulberry Tree

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