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Membership Mastery for Professionals, is a workshop organised in partnership between Membership Growth and Syneka Marketing. Natalia and I, joined Kevin Cahalane from Membership Growth, to deliver the full-day workshop.

Membership Mastery for Professionals, guides participants through marketing principles, to develop strategies that improve the retention and recruitment of members. The session includes a workbook, enabling attendees to identify their key objectives, as well as articulate the value that their organisation can offer members.

Alex discussing marketing strategies for not-for-profit organisations

Alex discussing marketing strategies for not-for-profit organisations

Identifying your organisation’s value proposition is required to develop key messages that appeal to prospective members. These key messages need to be consistent across all forms of communication

Furthermore, it is important to use the right communication tools to reach prospective and current members. A combination of approaches will often be required to encourage results, hence each communication method should reinforce the call to action and key messages.

An organisation needs to not only recruit members, but also retain them to ensure ongoing growth. First year members are often at the highest risk of non-renewals, followed by those in their second year. Specific processes should be developed to foster connections with these members, such as highlighting upcoming events and other initiatives. The workshop outlined a number of actions that organisations should develop to foster these connections and to encourage ongoing renewals.

Today’s workshop also included a new session on creative design and copywriting for not-for-profit organisations. Natalia guided participants on the marketing and communications tools that are available, as well as the design and textual elements that should be considered.

Organisations are increasingly introducing memberships to establish ongoing support and to create independent sources of income. Fostering a strong and active membership, requires strategies and actions that deliver value and foster ongoing engagement.

Natalia discussing creative design and copywriting for not-for-profit organisations

Natalia discussing creative design and copywriting for not-for-profit organisations

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