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Every business needs to be supported by policies that guide decisions and processes that ensure effective and efficient operations.

New businesses can often find themselves without adequate infrastructure to support ongoing business. It is important that a business invests in its own processes to streamline procedures, particularly if new staff or products are introduced.

Strategic marketing explores not just the external opportunities for a business, but also ensures that its internal structures are suitable to accommodate the goals in the marketing plan. Potential options will often include training, staff recruitment, or new systems to ensure that a business can take advantage of these new opportunities.

For example, contact management is one issue that many newer businesses experience. It is critical, from a marketing perspective, to manage relationships and to store sufficient information about each customer, such as past transactions and any support queries. The storing of this information ensures that a business is able to suitably communicate with its customers, advising them of new offerings or to launch campaigns that encourage repeat business. Furthermore, this approach enables campaign tracking to measure the success in reaching new customers.

Similarly, there is a need to manage website and social media content as a business grows, ensuring that staff are aware of acceptable usage and the authorisation that may be required. Similarity in tone and communication styles, is required to ensure consistency and to build a reliable and engaged following on social media.

The focus on both internal and external factors is what makes strategic marketing extremely valuable for businesses. There is little benefit in embarking on a major campaign, if the infrastructure and processes of a business are unable to manage demand.

Poor outcomes diminish the results of marketing and unnecessarily tarnish the reputation of a business. It is imperative that marketing activities are supported through processes and infrastructure that will assist in delivering the required outcomes.

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