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Flyer I designed for the event

On the 9th May I helped the Amnesty International Australia Melbourne Metro Group to organize a movie night to raise awareness of the plight of women living in Afghanistan.

The Melbourne Metro group is my local Amnesty group.  It was formed last year. I serve as the Event Manager in this group, along with Alex.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness of Amnesty’s Afghan Women Campaign to people who regularly engage with Amnesty.

This campaign centres around advocating for the Australian government to ask Afghanistan to allocate a proportion of the $1 billion in the aid it is providing to Afghanistan on helping women.

According to Amnesty International, Afghanistan is the worst place in the world to be a woman, with many women missing out on basic human rights.

Another aim of the event  was to see if our newly formed group could work well together.

I prepared a run sheet for the event and made a presentation on why people who attended the event should join the Melbourne Metro Group. I also designed promotional materials to go along with the presentation and wrote the copy. As a designer, I made sure that I followed the current style Amnesty is using with its national promotional materials.

The film shown at the event was Frontrunner. This film details the election campaign of Dr Massouda Jalal, the first woman to run for president in Afghanistan post September 11.

One thing that really struck me about Dr Jalal’s campaign was that her policies were around gender equality and improving education in the country.

We also had pizza at the event and one of our group members made a presentation on the Afghan Women’s Campaign so that participants were aware of the aims of Amnesty’s campaign.

The event was well received, and the team was able to work well together.

We are in the process of planning two more events in the next two months. I will keep you informed with how we are progressing with these events.

I am so glad that I have this opportunity to help advocate for women’s rights.

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