Amnesty International Get Active Meeting

Show bag we received at the Amnesty Get Active Meeting

Alex and I attended the Amnesty Get Active Meeting in February. Amnesty organises these meeting to provide an introduction to the organisation, as well as to provide information about volunteering opportunities.

Attending the meeting was a great way to find out what Amnesty does as well as to meet people who were interested in volunteering for the organisation.

We believe Amnesty is a highly dynamic organisation that is outcome focused. The organisation is very hands on and encourages and supporters to take action on issues that they are passionate about.

In the meeting we watched a few YouTube videos on the organisation and were given outlines of various groups situated around the country.

Alex and I were interested in joining the Melbourne Metro group as it meets close to the Syneka Marketing office. We hope to do more with this group in the near future and look forward to being a part of Amnesty.

Natalia Perera

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