GOV49 Communication Delivery and Social Media in the Public Sector

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GOV49 Communication Delivery & Social Media in the Public Sector
GOV49 Communication Delivery & Social Media in the Public Sector

GOV49 Communication Delivery & Social Media in the Public Sector

GOV49 Communication Delivery and Social Media in the Public Sector is a two-day conference held in Sydney to explore how social media and online communications can be used effectively by the public sector.

The conference is being organised by Tonkin Corporation and I was approached to present two sessions as well as to chair the event.

I was invited to provide a forward address:

Government and its representatives cannot afford to ignore the impact of social media.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest with a population of 955 million. Twitter with its ability to quick messages and fast re-tweeting is increasingly becoming a valid news source for journalists.

Social media can enhance public policy by encouraging broader participation in discussion and the ability to explain decisions. As government we can help increase transparency and provide a sense of ownership over policy. In particular, social media can be useful in reaching demographics that tend not to utilise traditional forms of consultation.

Used effectively social media can increase transparency while providing insights into governance processes. Like any method on engagement it requires policies and guidelines for acceptable use.

Social media is no longer an instrument that can be ignored but must be considered as a tool requiring engagement. Social media is being used to convey opinions and and it is better to be part of this discussion, rather than simply ignoring this discussion.

Attend Communication Delivery and Social Media In the Public Sector to discover how you can utilise social media to engage and be part of the discussion

I’ll be in Sydney for most of the week as part of the conference and look forward to meeting the delegates over the two-day event.

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