Rotary eClub of Greater Melbourne Charter Event

Alex as a charter member of the Rotary eClub fo Greater Melbourne

The Rotary eClub of Greater Melbourne provides an opportunity to diversify the membership of Rotary by providing flexible meeting arrangements. The eClub’s Charter Event was held this afternoon which officially launched the first Rotary eClub in Victoria.

Traditional Rotary Clubs meet on a weekly basis and the eClub utilises forums and online chats to replicate a meeting environment. The use of technology enables people to partake in Rotary, even if they are not able physically meetings due to work, travel or other commitments.

Today’s charter event was held at the Sky High Restaurant in Mt Dandenong with a view that overlooks Melbourne. The location reinforced the the notion that the eClub is not constrained by traditional locality boundaries, but instead is available for people across Melbourne and beyond.

Alex as a charter member of the Rotary eClub fo Greater Melbourne

Alex as a charter member of the Rotary eClub fo Greater Melbourne

Work is underway to identify local and international service projects and several prospective members have already expressed interest in joining Rotary’s newest club. The Rotary eClub provides a significant opportunity to introduce new members into Rotary and several target markets have already been identified through the eClub Membership Committee.

Syneka Marketing developed the website for the Rotary eClub of Greater Melbourne and is now developing a marketing plan utilising the strengths of the eClub to encourage new membership into Rotary. We look forward in working with the Rotary eClub of Greater Melbourne.

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