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Membership Mastery is a full-day workshop held in conjunction with Kevin Cahalane from Membership Growth. Kevin outlined strategies for membership recruitment and retention. I discussed need for cohesive marketing messages and use of social media to engage members.

As a workshop there was opportunity for discussion, with participants expressing interest in creating cohesive marketing campaigns and emerging social media tools.Through the workshop I covered how social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter can be integrated with a website to provide a base level of communications.

It is important to consider the role of an organisation’s website and how it can be positioned to deliver key marketing messages. A website will often be the first destination for prospective members and it is important that the key marketing messages resonate with the target demographic.

A member will often need to receive a message multiple times before they respond, it is important to use a combination of marketing tools that will reach the target demographic.

There were several questions around the formation of media releases with media engagement often being a useful tool to increase the reach of an organisation. Media releases can often be useful in generating media coverage but should appeal to the media outlets that are being targeted. For example, local media will often require a local news angle to make it relevant to its readership.

Like the media, targeted marketing messages are critical to reaching prospective members and to encourage them to act.  Messages should have a clear call to action, such as becoming a member.

Membership Mastery provided significant insight into marketing, recruitment and retention for membership based organisations. A second workshop will be held in Sydney on the 7th of August.

View the presentation that was delivered at the Membership Mastery Workshop

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