Eastern Volunteers 2012 Annual Fun Run

Eastern Volunteers is a not-for-profit organisation that provides community assisted transport and volunteer recruitment. The organisation holds regular fundraising activities, including its Annual Fun Run which provides fun and fitness on a course around Lillydale Lake.

Alex as the Master of Ceremonies for the 2012 Eastern Volunteers Annual Fun Run

Alex as the Master of Ceremonies for the 2012 Eastern Volunteers Annual Fun Run

I was invited to perform the role of Master of Ceremonies for the Eastern Volunteers Annual Fun Run, providing official announcements to manage participation in the race.

An MC role for an event like the Annual Fun Run involves several distinct activities, including directing participants through initial registration and to the starting positions. In addition, there is a need to provide periodic announcements, such as outlining the race layout and mentioning the sponsors who supported the event.

After the race, the role of the MC is to encourage participants to attend the award presentations and to facilitate the transition to the official speakers. The Master of Ceremonies assists in providing a seamless event by ensuring that participants are aware of the proceedings.

The Eastern Volunteers Annual Fun Run is a well established community event, which helps raise funds to sustain its activities.

Alex Makin

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  • James says:

    Kudos to the organizers and participants of this event. You guys are doing such a great job!

    • Alex Makin says:

      Hi James, thanks for your comments. The Fun Run is a great community event which serves as a fundraiser for Eastern Volunteers and helps highlight its services to the wider community.


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