Presentation to the Rotary Club of Montrose and District

The Rotary Club of Montrose and District meets at Club Kilsyth on Wednesday evenings and provides a service club for the surrounding areas.

The Rotary Club of Montrose and District does not currently have a website, but is actively considering an Internet presence. Several of the board members are keen to harness the Internet to assist in promoting the Club and its activities.

This evening I discussed the Club’s thoughts on the Internet and the need to provide a consistent image in all forms of communication, including the Club’s future web presence. Internet websites need to be viewed as a marketing exercise, with the Club discussing the image they wish to promote across their activities.

Part of the discussion also focused on media releases and it is important for community organisations to speak to relevant forms of media, such as local newspapers or local radio, to discuss upcoming events.

Proactive public relations is important for community organisations and media releases should be circulated to relevant media, as well as included on the website. When someone visits a website they often check to see whether the site is regularly updated. This ensures that the content is relevant and the organisation is being proactive in its activities.

The ability to easily update content was another key point of discussion. Content management systems, enable several differing permissions for administrators, enabling designated members with the ability to write content but ensuring that it won’t be publicly available until it is approved by a suitable member of the Club.

It is anticipated that the Rotary Club of Montrose and District will have a web presence shortly, once the desired layout and initial content has been finalized.

Alex Makin

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