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This evening I unveiled the Rotary Club of Ringwood website to the members of the club.

Rotary is an organisation comprising of more than 32,000 services clubs and over 1.2 million members. Each Rotary Club operates on a largely autonomous basis and is responsible for its own participation in community projects and initiatives.

A website has significant potential in promoting service clubs such as Rotary, both in terms of promoting the work undertaken by the organisation but also in facilitating membership recruitment.

For this to succeed the website needs to be viewed as part of the overall marketing strategy for the Rotary Club. The Rotary Club of Ringwood has a number of projects each involving different members, these people need to ensure that the website is part of their overall strategy to promote the organisation.

As an example an organisation would not produce brochures or banners that are inconsistent with its message or branding and it is important that websites share this consistency.

A website helps serve as an entry point into an organisation, as well as reinforce the overall message and branding enticing further involvement and interactivity. It is generally accepted that someone needs to experience a marketing message five to seven times before they will be inclined to act and it is therefore important that a website is consistent with other promotional tools.

In regard to a voluntary based organisation, the Internet and a web presence can assist in reaching increasingly time-poor volunteers and prospective members through making it is easy to learn about the organisation.

The Rotary Club of Ringwood website provides functionality for each member to include details on their particular projects, with the officebearers being able to approve information for publishing.  This encourages a sense of ownership of the website and helps ensure that it will remain up-to-date and relevant to the organisation.

The Demonstration of the website also included a series of slides to provide some context for the role of the site.

View the presentation that was delivered to the Rotary Club of Ringwood.

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